Baltijas Konsultantu Birojs Ltd offers following services:

  • Enterprise and Private person's bookkeeping
  • Remote bookkeeping using client's software
  • Ongoing reporting and submission to the SRS and LR statistics department
  • Annual reports preparation and submission
  • Condensed balance preaparation
  • Internet banking, client's invoices payment
  • Invoices preparation and emailing to clients
  • Internal audit and economic analysis of company's financial performance
  • Electronic declaration
  • Taxes and accounting consultation
  • Audit

Legal Consultations:
  • Registration of enterprise
  • Changes in the company regulations and UR (Enterprise register) registration
  • Enterprise (business) sale
  • Development of the agreements and other legal documents

Office management services:
  • Office management consultations
  • Office management services
  • Orders, instructions and other paperwork development